My Dear Valentine

Forgive me, I know it’s already March and I forgot to update the blog about February’s collection for A Working Progress- it used to be called Slow Futures but that sounded terrible and did not really fit the purpose of this project which was to grow and to evolve my design/garment making skills so we now have A Working […]

Slow Futures: Denimhead

The first offering this year. Shot on 35mm film by Charlotte Joseph. Modeled by Gabrielle Ngoo and Gloria Massamba-Lutama. A huge thank you for getting up early on a very foggy morning. Check out the photos in all its glory on Cargo Collective Thanks for stopping by! M

Waistcoats and pattern matching frustrations.

I’ve got about 2 weeks till the end of my course (already?!) and I am about halfway on the creation of my first ever waistcoat. I’m kicking myself for choosing a patterned fabric, because the mismatched lines around the dart and the back of the welt pockets kept me up at night for 2 nights […]

A day at Joe Allen’s

I recently spent a day at Joe Allen’s tailoring shop in Islington and forgot to eat during the day because I was too damn excited. Joe is a third generation tailor and his siblings are also in the tailoring industry, with his brother Charlie owning his own store down the road. Joe was very kind […]