I think this may be my favourite collection after February’s My Dear Valentine. Once again I made these garments the day before, I know I keep telling myself not to but it happens due to work and other projects that come my way. What started up as a project to promote slow fashion has just become […]


I promise I will get better at updating this blog. This is March’s offering and sadly not shot on 35mm. This time I’m in front of the camera which did feel a little bizarre as I’m usually the professional coat carrier during our shoots. I also think this collection shows what I felt at the […]

Slow Futures: Denimhead

The first offering this year. Shot on 35mm film by Charlotte Joseph. Modeled by Gabrielle Ngoo and Gloria Massamba-Lutama. A huge thank you for getting up early on a very foggy morning. Check out the photos in all its glory on Cargo Collective Thanks for stopping by! M

Cloth Talk

I must confess, I hate shopping. It started with my mother’s rule of “think about how many times you will wear it”, then throughout my tailor training it was just ingrained in me that quality must be of immaculate quality and tender loving care, my job now is to analyse garments on a daily basis […]

Pleated Drop Waist Dress

I learnt a very important lesson people and that is always to wash your fabric in the same way you wish to wash it after creating a garment out of it. Before I started properly sewing- I never really cared about it because I would be dead before I ever wore anything I made two […]

Tailor Training Week #4

Three weeks till half term/ assessment week! (Already?!?!) Time is flying and I keep thinking back to the first day when I tried to use my thimble to baste for the first time. At garment construction we’ve been trying out flat felled seams (the ones you get on the sides of your jeans) and french […]

Tailor Training Week #3

It’s been a hectic week, on Tuesday I helped out at the F.A.D Fashion Futures Show at Fashion Scout. Every morning this week I have been speaking in assemblies at my former secondary school/sixth form about what it is like to go on a different path from the straight university route. I think I’ll do […]

Tailor Training Week #1

I’m going to try and cover my weekly progress whilst I’m on the Bespoke Tailoring Pre-Apprenticeship course over at my local college. I was going to do it on a daily basis from Wednesday to Friday but I’m lazy and also I haven’t got the time to type, I have to get used to using […]

A2 Textiles: An Update.

It’s been a pretty productive week at the Textiles HQ in my college. A lot of the garments are near completion and for once, I’m optimistic that we will actually make the deadline, unlike last year’s hectic turn of events in which most garments we made will never see the light of day ever again. […]