Slow Futures: Denimhead

The first offering this year. Shot on 35mm film by Charlotte Joseph. Modeled by Gabrielle Ngoo and Gloria Massamba-Lutama. A huge thank you for getting up early on a very foggy morning. Check out the photos in all its glory on Cargo Collective Thanks for stopping by! M Advertisements

Slow Futures

I am very happy to be sharing this new project I am working on. It will kill me because it is a huge task but I need a challenge and I need to keep my creative energy going. I started this off as a way to educate myself in pattern cutting and garment construction, to […]

6 months in…

Time has flown! I’m already past the first 6 months here at M&S and after a very long awaited holiday, I took some time to reflect on the a few things I have learned so far. I visited a military tailor’s based in North London to have a look at the factory and ways they […]


It’s a dawn of a new era at M&S with the introduction of the new home grown CEO Steve Rowe who has shaken up a lot of things inside HQ. I think the changes can be seen through the product too as the recent press show showcased a hopeful new horizon as M&S aims to […]

Settling in

It’s been 3 months since I have started and I’m upset I can’t use the “I just started two weeks ago” excuse any more. One thing I have learnt is that anything can happen and that every week is not the same, a technologist has to leave enough time over the week to react if […]

The Baste II

7AM, Gieves and Hawkes, it’s eerily silent and I’m watching Ada finish this baste in double quick time. The process is swift, methodical and you see how everything come together thanks to the little details she remembers, For example how she doesn’t cut the body canvas, chest canvas and domette at the same size and […]