Blue China

Today I went out for lunch and boating since it was such a glorious day, also Fridays are leg day so getting on a pedalo boat is fun yet does the job of a whole day in a gym- win win for me! I bought this top as impulsively, do you ever have those moments […]

Staying In

Had a wonderful day staying in with my best friend, getting our nails done, eating strawberries and having a catch up which we haven’t done in ages! I had a good day with her and I liked my casual outfit, it hasn’t been as hot in London as it has been the past few days, […]

Summer Spin

Waheeyy summer is here! There’s been a heatwave in London recently and God knows how much I am enjoying basking in the glorious sunshine! So today we have on outfit of the day post, credit to Charlotte for taking the photos. Dresses are my go to garments in this weather as its fuss free yet […]

An Introduction to Melissa’s World

Hello! My name is Melissa, I’m currently 16 and I decided to create this blog after blogging about things I loved separately for over a year now and I thought, why not put them in one blog?! So, I hereby declare Melissa’s World open! Full of K-Pop, fashion, beauty, food and adventures in the wonderful city […]